Do It Yourself: Tiramisu

A stroll on the Upper East Side was followed by a coffee and dessert break at Via Quadronno, a small Italian cafe. Below is Tiramisu di San dona (Venetian style) a unique “DIY” approach to traditional pre-mixed tiramisu.  The dish came with several ladyfingers, a bowl of espresso and a cocoa mascarpone concoction.

DIY tiramisu > traditional tiramisu

Sometimes, we need to look a bit fancy…

(Paul Stuart Phineas Cole navy blue pinstripe suit,  Addison combat boots, Uniqlo +J shirt, Brunello Cucinelli cashmere tie and wool pocket square, Thom Browne tie bar, Brioni socks, Timex for J. Crew watch, Ralph Lauren Purple Label sunglasses)

Photography by: Melanie M. Berger

Via Quadronno
25 E 73rd St (Madison ave.)
New York City, NY 10021-3521
(212) 650-9880
Hours: Sunday 10:30am–9pm;
Monday-Friday 8:30am–11pm;
Saturday 9:30am–11pm


About Austin Ao-Xiong Wong (黃傲雄)

Steez curator.
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