Wishlist: October – Winter Outerwear

The colder weather has finally set in and I have found myself wearing much heavier jackets. It is this time of the year, I pick out outerwear for the winter season. Here are some of my favorites.

This post was brought to you by Superdry.  Superdry specialize in mens clothes and have a great range of jackets and coats available online.

Raf Simons Duffle Coat – I have never owned a duffle coat and maybe this will be my first.  Raf took a different approach to the traditional leather and rope loops with rubber ones, these seem to be much more functional.

Thom Browne Formal Cashmere Topcoat – A lot of men do not own a dinner jacket and I find that incredibly absurd. Every man should have his own black tie attire and I do not believe it should be rented. However, I will excuse you if you do not own a formal outerwear piece for the occasional winter gala.

Andrea Pompilio Reversed Shearling Peacoat – This is a very unique coat from Andrea Pompilio.  I have never seen a peacoat in navy shearling, this is a great modern take on the classic piece.

Paul Smith Jeans Hooded Parka – Parkas are things I can never have too many of. Last season, I wore my Spiewak Parka all the way through April. Getting this Paul Smith parka may make my other outerwear pieces jealous.

Isaia Cashmere Overcoat – After purchasing my first Isaia sportscoat a month ago, I have been hooked. This beautiful coat is made from Aquacashmere which is Isaia’s premier water repelling fabric.  The cashmere yarns are coated in a natural repellent before it is woven.  Isaia is always innovating.

Source: Park & Bond


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