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NYTimes: On The Street: 4-peat

Yesterday, I was featured for the fourth time in the New York Times (On the Street). I guess Bill Cunningham loves Thom Browne suits. Here are the first three times: On the Street: Leg Show On the Street: Standouts Advertisements

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International Fashion: China (中国)

Summer temperatures in China can reach over 100˚, so it’s not surprising that fashion in China has adapted to the extreme heat. Introducing Mainland Chinese Steez, taken at last year’s World Expo in Shanghai. It’s a style that embraces the … Continue reading

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John Lobb: 190 Steps to take the First Step

John Lobb has produced a video showing a number of steps in order to make a pair of John Lobb shoes. (Note: This video features Hermès owned John Lobb not the orignal John Lobb on St. James street in London)

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Dictatorialist: Gaddafi – “Best Dressed” Dictator

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In the past two weeks, much of the world’s attention has shifted to the Middle East. With Libya currently in turmoil, I feel it is an opportune moment to reflect on the many fantastic looks of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the … Continue reading

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Snapshots Part I – New York Fashion Week, a week later

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It has been a week since the last day of New York Fashion Week. Many memorable moments. Here is a collection of interesting pictures taken during the week. Good times!

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Baller Toddler: Thom Browne Cardigan

Like the adult versions, this little cardigan is of great quality. Everything is nearly identical. However, the children version does not feature sleeve buttons or waist buttons. I can’t wear this one. Oh well, I can use it as a … Continue reading

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Charles Barkley is Mad (I doubt it)

Source: Süperfad

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Closet Peek: Ties

When asked if I could “give a tour” of my closet; the answer is always no. Maybe one day I will post full pictures of my wardrobe. Keyword: Maybe. For now, here are some of my ties:

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